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Angie Stone Lyrics

12. Pop Pop

Pop Pop Bottle Top, Body Rock, Beat Don't Stop
Pop, Pop, Pop Bottle Top, Body Rock, Beat Don't Stop

(DAMN)We're Chilling Agin, I want to be, more than a friend. 
Cause you taken me to places I never been before. 
Feeling like I'm yearning for a little more. 
And(DAMN) I want to begin to build with you, 
Let it do what it do. Cause we been talkin' 
And kissing and loving like every night. 
And if that's wrong I don't want to be right.


Look what u done, making me run, straight to your arms. 
Boy you know you only get the best of me. 
Flowing like a book full of poetry.(DAMN) 
I'm thanking your mother for making your brother... 
Tell her I love her... 
You're, you know you're everything I need. 
re the missing link to me...

[Ad libs]

It gets no better than this, cause your kiss is something 
I just don't want to miss [repeat]

Boy you know we gone do this... Yes, we gone do this... [x2]


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