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Angie Stone Lyrics

5. Stay For A While

Featuring Anthony Hamilton

Well, well

[1 - AS]
If you would just stay for a while
Sugar, we could find something to get into
Baby boy, it's all you
If we could just lay for a while
Let me ease your mind
Help you to unwind
Spend a little quality time

Girl I know it's getting difficult to sleep at night
I'm goin' to work, there's no one there right by your side
I called you up to say I'm coming home in a few days
And I would like it if we could just lay and play for a while

[Repeat 1]

Oh, oh I'm missing you so much
I'm making plans for me and you
We gon' unplug the phone, soon as you get home
Did I hear you say you're coming home in a few days
Baby I can't wait, I anticipate

[Repeat 1]

Whoa oh oh, I don't know about you
(Said I don't know about you)
I'm in the mood
And I can hardly wait to love you over and over
(I can't wait) and over again
I'm keepin' my faith (No no no no)
Yes, I got a jones, don't wanna be alone
Come (I don't wanna be alone) over
Oh oh, I'm missing you (See you, oh)

[Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade]

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