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Annie Lennox Lyrics

*  Ladies Of The Canyon

Trina wears her wampam beads 
She fills her drawing book with line 
Sewing lace on widow's weeds
And filagree on leaf and vine
Vine and leaf are filagree 
And her coat's a second-hand one 
Sewn in antique luxury, 
She is a lady of the canyon

Annie sits you down to eat 
She always makes you welcome in 
Cats and babies around her feet
And all are fat and none are thin
None are thin and all are fat 
She may bake some brownies today 
Saying you are welcome back 
She is another canyon lady 

Esterella, circus girl, 
Comes wrapped in songs and gypsy shawls 
Songs like tiny hammers hurled 
At bevelled mirrors in empty halls
Empty halls and bevelled mirrors 
Sailing seas and climbing banyans
Come out for a visit here 
To be a lady of the canyon 

Trina takes her paints and thread
And weaves a pattern all her own
Annie bakes her cakes and bread 
And gathers flowers for her home 
For her home she gathers flowers
And Esterella, dear companion 
Colours up the sunshine hours
Pouring music down the canyon 

Colouring the sunshine hours 
They are the ladies of the canyon

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