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Annuals Lyrics

*  Misty Coy

Light me up, light my cigarette
Tell you that I've wanted to been there
With him
Do you want to explain by me 
Do you want the blame?
Well I can give it to you

(everything is nothing, nothing is everything) 

The pole cat snaps
The sparrow from his mama's nest
What papa brings is one for no one
For no one
The crick crack stamps
Up to my daddy's lap
Tell you what he's for
Where I'm going to stay 
If you catch me 

(There is nothing I wanna do, 
there is no where I wanna go, 
just leave me the fuck alone. Noo)

Well there is something in them hills that sticks to me
Baby boy, find your family 
Still there's something in them hills that sticks to me 
Misty Coy, you're my family. 

Misty Coy
Don't you die on tomorrow's day

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