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Anonymus Lyrics

8. Stuck

[Parole - Oscar Souto]

It seems like nothing's going fine
Stopped at the same place
All time!
Can't go any longer
They pusheds me on the wall
I'm being unproductive
Hope this thing won't go too far

Tension rising Chais coming
Blank sheet terrorizing

What's next ?
Sorry but i'm stuck
I know i'm having problems
No luck!
Losing all my power
Waiting to be stronger
Meet my holy saviour
I am having many doubts
Cause I can't see... No way out!

Tension rising Chais coming
Blank sheet terrorizing

No way No way out!

No way There's no way out
This way total black-out

Stand still paralysed
Unable to match these rhymes
Different sound at the end of lines
Empty spaces open wounds
Harmonies are out of tune

Fill this virgin mind
Who's going blind
Will tomorrow be ?
A better day for me ?
Stuck stuck stuck stuck

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