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Antagonist A.D Lyrics

9. Celebrity

While plastics kept our beauty to your last breath.
No science could keep your heart from embracing death.
You died an angel, on top of the highest mountain.
You stole the love of thousands 
And your death only glorifies the pain 
Of living in a star glazed world.
You took that last breath as we watched, 
Hoping for the world,
To collapse with your lungs 
And so after all these years kept alive 
From the glow of our eyes.
Nothing, nothing, could save you from time.
Never aging in books, plastics kept your looks, 
You spread the infection.
They would die for beauty, 
They would die for power,
Just a kiss from the heavens. 
So powerful with your beauty, 
So captivating, so ethereal.
Your wisdom shines like a vacuum sealed dream,
But that pain, that infection, 
Will never find a home in me.
You will never exist in me, praise be! 
Prophets of delusion,
Prophets of material things, 
I don't believe in you.

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