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Antagonist A.D Lyrics

10. Distance

Hollow eyes, but alive and still diseased 
Everyone is screaming, but no ones saying a thing..
1 thousand empty words from a thousand empty voices 
Won't change a thing..

No culture, 
No movement, 
No expression, 
Just distance.

Romanticised failure and apathy,
Their cross's keep burning, blind eyes keep turning
Centuries of progression for an age of ignorance
Do you feel the guilt? do you feel?

Lifetimes spent longing for an image
No consequence just decadence and greed - 
Nothings gonna make you live forever
Do you feel the guilt? Wash the blood from your hands..

Blackened eyes, are you breathing? 
Empty words, is your heart still beating?
You can't live forever, we just want to live now.

Find your voice, find those words, take it back
The time is now.

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