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Antagonist A.D Lyrics

10. Misery

Soaked in blood, bound by hair & skin. 
I won't carry this flag.
Murder and torture, aren't virtues I can hold 
And apathy is a disease that will never consume me.
I sleep with my eyes open, waiting for the tides to change.
To bring you to your knees, if only for one day.
To see the suffering, you will taste... misery will have her revenge.
As the animals die, you stand fit to prosper 
But when the cancerous tumors explode inside of you 
And the soil beneath rots away, 
They will see you in hell and you will be... judged. 
You will pay, misery. 
We are gold, in your world of filth. 
We are gold and we sleep with our eyes open.

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