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Antagonist A.D Lyrics

11. Stranger

I still remember who you were and who you claimed to be
...and still 
...inside and out 
...you're fucking empty.
Nothing but a shell. 
With different clothes, fake emotion, feigned personality.
I still remember who you were and who you claimed to be.

...with every word and every letter from every language, 
I could not construct a single sentence, 
That could do you justice. 
That could express my disbelief. 
At your pretentious lack of judgment... 
The tongue in your cheek.

You said the world has changed, 
That you haven't, that you just stayed the same. 

It's sad to say that you became EVERYTHING YOU LOVED TO HATE

If you had any substance left, 
I could look you in the eye and shake your hand, 
To apologize, for the day when I snap 
And I finally cut that tongue from your cheek..

Your jealous mouth may poison me - and your touch may burn my skin
But the rotting wound where your heart once was, 
Will do more damage than I could ever give

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