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Antagonist A.D Lyrics

6. The Birth Of Tragedy

We are all fucking diseased...
A cancer rotting in these concrete tombs.
We built the cages.
We joined the chains...
Now we lie motionless in these cities our graves...
As soon as I opened my mouth to breath 
I was choking on the irony...
Theres no salvation left.
I tried to find it in a lovers eyes.
And in them I saw this city ablaze.
The tragedy we play out..our lives burning.
Like the crosses we cemented on the hillside looking down on us.
A reminder of the disease that flows like blood through these streets.
This is the age of hate.no second chances.
I live a life of spite...
I made my choice and I will fight for my convictions.
I made my choice and I will fight for my beliefs tonight

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