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Anthony Green Lyrics

17. Can't Be Satisfied

Featuring Ida Maria

She gave me love, it’s not enough
A dozen other ones I’m dreaming of
Money I got but I don’t care
It won’t ease the torment that I bear

If I sound pessimistic fuck you that’s just how I feel
When I said I’m doing alright, I’m just not being real
When I tell you that it feels good and I loved it, then I lied
Please don’t take it personal honey cause I can’t be satisfied
Can’t be satisfied, no

When I wake up, stretch my bones
I get that funny feeling I’m not at home
In my own skin, I wanna rip it off
Is anybody out there feel this lost?

If I sounded confusing honey, that ain’t nothing new
You can’t understand a word I said unless you’re in my shoes
I could eat a hundred percocets or do a thousand lines
None of that shit will get me off cause I can’t be satisfied
Can’t be satisfied, no

Oh baby boy, you know you’re so vain
You can call it love, I call it jokes
I’m not your doll, I don’t need your game
You think you know me, you don’t know yourself

Don’t come round knocking at my door cause I am done
I told you this before you gotta choose me or the gun
I’m not your kind of fool and I can read between the lines
Don’t get all confused now you said yourself, I can’t be satisfied
Can’t be satisfied, no
Can’t be satisfied
I can’t be satisfied

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