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Arctic Monkeys Lyrics

*  Too Much To Ask

The smiles as she walked in the room 
Have all turned into frowns
Am I too quick to assume
That the love is no longer in bloom
The tantrums and the tears play a very different tune to 
What they did before
Their heads red raw
and the ending doesn't sound like the happiest around
When you sobbed before
It felt much more like the product of a squabble
Now there's reason for it to be something more
And there would be
Always uncertain weather the curtain has shut for good
She said see if it's still raining
I'm not dressed for it and

If you loved me and (help me out here)
I decided to stop her there
Would it be outrageous to say
We're either shouting or we're shagging 
Locked in tempestuous phase
At least that's how it felt yesterday
The eyes are getting heavier 
and weather they are asleep or awake
There's a mystery
would a kiss be too much to ask
When you feed me a Sunday's frozen (?) a thermos flask
It's a pity
It just hit me we cant go back
To the chest touching on the back

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