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Arma Angelus Lyrics

3. For The Expatriates Of Human Civilization

I want to live.
I want to live under a softer light.
To not share a sun with those content with this life.
Where breathing feels like a foreign function to me,
I will exhale this world forever with such animosity.
I pray for a heart that will save my own.
Long to feel blood that wills: don't give up.
I want to live under a warmer light.
One that will not only scorch my flaws, but will ignite my tenderness,
my empathy, and give my heart the warmth it will need.
I'm aching to be anywhere but here.
I'm dying for anyone to understand.
One word will spark violence but all I want is comfort.
So I rest my belief in hate to become warm again.
By hatred, by belief, I will find rest.

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