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Arma Angelus Lyrics

7. I'm Every Broken Man

Parasites on parasites craft the fall of man.
His frailty will be his own end, but not soon enough.
I have no calm for those who share this bond of flesh
with such a willingness for degradation,
when the very breath that we share degrades me to no end.
I want no part in this.
I reject my role as one of you both in title and in deeds.
My concern will not be confused with pity,
because pity swiftly turns tolerance into acceptance.
And I feel nothing but disgust, I want no part in this.
Nothing ever changes, but I still want no part in this.
Spite brings me such peace and suffering will save me.
I can't escape this world, but I will deny it.
And yet to these smiling husks I am just a fool,
but I can no longer find the warmth to forgive those
who bear such a likeness to smoldering ash that was once their will.
I'm every broken man leaving you broken

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