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Arma Angelus Lyrics

4. To Feel No More Bitterness Forever

I want to be the last heart that will set things right.
To feel no more bitterness forever.
Lay down my heart.
Lay down my throat.
So I can breathe the whispers of martyrs.
Lay down the bond of my flesh to prove the bond of my word.
Spark a new path away.
Fill my lungs with the air to express my dislike.
To express my disappointment with a world
that has never given me anything to cherish but the temperament of my own anguish
and has denied me all but separation from such warmth.
No more bitterness for this world.
To feel no more bitterness forever,
I would crawl across the barbs of this world to her embrace
and I would likewise deny the embrace of all others who feign grief for this world.
They repulse me.
I have grown to hate them and aspire to be what they hate.
But in her arms I am sure I could find courage to filter the vile from my own dreams
and cleanse it from this world, for this world.
No more bitterness forever.
Today I breathe life for the first time.

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