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Army Of Me Lyrics

*  Be By

Be by, be by my side tonight
'Cause it's nice to have your company once in a while.

Back and forth, I know how it feels
To lie in a circle, to ride on the wheel.
All I wanted was you to hold onto.

Just say that you'll be with me surely.
And then don't ever change your mind.

Back and forth...

Take me as I am, or take me not at all.
My sweetness has left me for dead.
You're all that I wanted.

Angel you captivate my mind
Say that you'll be with me till the end of time.
Won't you come into my life
You could be a flashlight in my night.
If I could reach to the sky
I'd set aside all the stars.
From which I'd build you a crown
And crown you my queen.

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