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Army Of Me Lyrics

*  Breathe

We sing songs to stay alive.
Music lifts the soul about to die
And we are all gathered to remember.
Silence shattered in a shout.
Take the chance to breathe it out
While questions hang like criminals of doubt.

I am dreaming of a place
Where we can get along with nothing to fear.
No more broken windows, broken souls, broken vows, and gaping holes.
This sadness and confusion has taken it's toll

Let's get something done
Too much idle time is wasted.
Let's cut to the chase
And don't be afraid.

Breath in once for me
It's my right to be free.
Will the fear stop growing
Tears stop flowing?

I am dreaming of a place
Where we can breathe the air with nothing to fear.
It's my wish to have never lost
Return the wrench which fate has tossed.
We still have our lives
We still have our pride.

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