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Army Of Me Lyrics

*  Rain Stained Melodies

Rain Stained Melodies
Below you I play
You filled me with life
And I sent you away

Speak to me love, words I can feel
By candlelight, I know you're real
The closed we shared now seems so far away

Kiss me one last time
To the sounds of time running out.

Rain Stained...

Where have you faded to,
Some dark, cloudy corner of a sad mind?
I shared with you everything
My passion, my love

Kiss me one last time
To the sounds of love running out.

Rain Stained...

I see my love slip away
I'm scared 'cause I don't feel a thing.
Am I just numb from caring too much?
Or am I sliding from love?
Don't close the door
Don't close you eyes
But don't look at me
She's weeping again
Don't you know that kind of thing tears my skin.

These are rain stained melodies...

Beauty release
You are so sweet
Why must sadness always win?

Kiss me one last time
To the sounds of me running out.

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