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Ashanti Lyrics

2. Don't Need You

Baby I don't need you, but I want you so I got you
Got you by my side when things ain't going right
Happy when I see you, but I need to keep it real with you
No relationships, I'm just tryna live

[Verse 1:]
Don't wanna hurt nobody, let me tell you how I feel (tell you how I feel)
Just wanna have somebody I can trust that knows the deal (trust that knows the deal)
Don't wanna make you mad telling you 'bout last night and how much fun I had
Just because I'm not with you I don't need your attitude

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 2:]
The other day you asked why I came home late and who was I with (who was I with)
Don't get me wrong I know you care, but I can't get down with all that questioning
Ooohh I like spending time with you, but don't get the wrong idea
Don't make me your priority cause this settle down now just ain't me

[Chorus x2]

Boy don't think I'm here trying to use you, try to confuse you
Just so you know I care a lot about you, happy that I found you
Let's be clear on what we're all about, you gotta figure out
If you want this we gotta know we ain't forming no relationships

[Chorus x2]

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