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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

9. A Ghost In Drag

Can foolhardy love affairs 
Be more than just wet thighs? 
All that you're giving me 
I don't recognize 

The strength of your beauty's been 
Somewhere seeking solitude 
But you're just afraid of me 
It's all in your eyes 

And here we are 
My heart's in your hand 
We did this all wrong 
Let's do it again 
You're a gun 

This bad taste of leaving 
Will rush through our mouths 
The words that I'm sealing 
I'll start with now 

And if my words were stone 
I'd kiss them in your mouth 
And though you're the lion 
I'll drag you down 

Let's sing tonight 
Holding my hand 
We could be friends 
But I'm better off sleeping alone 

I'm nothing, like an urn 
I'm filling my body with flesh the you've burnt

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