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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

1. Break Blossom

No, hesitation 
No, the things that I've 
Done wrong you want to know 
But do you want to know? 

One wrong desire 
Leaves one more bullet 
In my head 
I'm breaking 

It takes one small 
That could save this boy 
From the life he spent 
But we're writing in his 
Eulogy we didn't know 
How could we know? 

No conversation 
No cigarette to start it up again 
No room for heroes 
They're already dead 
We're breaking 

I believe that i will be remembered, 
And i believe that i will be forgotten by a few. 
But even if this life is never-ending 
We'd get the forks and get the cake 
And come on boys let's celebrate

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