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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

*  Dancing In The Rearview

I still remember driving 
our lights disturbed the high way, 
exchanging looks and dancing off the road. 

Rose petals 
strewn about like broken glass 
on a freeway where 
a passer-by enjoys a snowy day 

I'm screaming 
You're dancing in the rearview 
The engine's burning 
and angels come to life through 
indents in the snow 

I'm giving life to 
the wasted nights that breathe 
While holding on to 
the winter night, it's beaten me 

People make good wood for fires 
but we're too hot to burn 
Hit the brakes, I cried 
This could be a dream 
if I just closed my eyes 

My face is numb 
Your cheeks are cold 
Children watch the crash unfold 
Before their eyes, breaths become 
spirits in the cold 

Stumbling out I trip and fall 
And watch you lie like a porcelain doll 
Shivering and Shivering 
You've gone away, You've gone away 

This could be too much for me 
your body stopped but your heart 
kept driving 
across the land, your never felt 
it go 

It's not in the words you told me 
It's all in the way you looked at me

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