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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

5. Ghost Of York

I know 
we're all souls just trying to connect with 
someone, but we're all 
left searching on our own 

Tell me that you could hear it 
three taps under the floorboard. 
Don't say I'm losing it, 
maybe you're deaf. 
Could have sworn 
that I locked 
all these windows fairly tight. 
Shut the door 
hear a knock. 
She starts turning off the lights 

And from the corner of my eye 
I saw your dressed all in white 
I saw you pass right by 
But maybe I had too much wine 
I hope you come back tonite 
you never said goodbye 

Tell me that you could see it 
a ghost who's skin is porcelain 
Don't say I'm losing it 
maybe you're blind 
Saw her walk 
through a wall, 
turn her head and look at me 
In a York hotel hall 
I am falling to my knees 

Softly, as your dress flows, 
you say that you're alone. 
But I know I can't leave you 
lonely and on 
your own

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