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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

4. Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)

Have I
Ever told you before
I think you're beautiful when
You're sleeping?
I have faith you watch me in
My slumber too.
If I'm
All that you're looking for,
Tell me,
Why is there a river streaming
Down your face?
Sometimes makes me wonder
All about your

After some time
It's something I find true.
Love's not a grave, it won't decay
On you.
Too many days I was afraid
Of love.

If nothing is just that
And suffering's
The only thing we're good at?
Dreaming, picture that;
A whole world in a slumber.
But don't get
Too attached to the living,
Even every single memory's
That's a fact, being torn
But to my surprise, no reason
Why, one day I woke
Up and realized.

Give it to me, 
I'll keep you in my focus
With love and affection.

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