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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

6. Milk And Honey

I'm sick of waking up alone, 
Honey I'm pleading 
let's put away the sticks and stones 
be human beings 
I have the sense to be afraid to be a fool 

You push me out again 
You push me up against a wall 
You told me once your body flowed 
with milk and honey 
whatever happened to our boy 
inside your tummy? 
I have the sense to be afraid, to be a fool 
but I'm on the fence 
to make you stay or to be cruel 

You perfume covered helpless louse, 
look on the bright side 
See, every time you laugh out loud 
I'm crying inside 
I have the sense to be afraid, to be the fool 
Try common sense. Make me believe 
Believe in miracles. 

I should have known you'd kick me hard 
when I'm on the ground

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