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As Tall As Lions Lyrics

7. We's Been Waitin'

Don't waste my time
With those nickels and dimes
I want more for the song that i'm singing
I'll sell my rights
Make a million over night
No, i won't punch a clock
'less it's ringing

We've waiting too long
For nothing to come

Sure, you'll get a deal
You've got commercial appeal
But what you get is never what you give
So smile, smile like you mean it
'cause you got no say
Just do what gets you paid

We've waited too long
For nothing to come

You'll get what you want in time
Just sign on the dotted line
And hold onto the coattails
And pray that your record sells
Until i get what i want
I'll be kicking
I'll be screaming

We've waited too long
For nothing to come

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