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Atreyu Lyrics

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Hell Or Highwater 


Congregation Of The Damned (2009)
Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007)
A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006)
The Curse (2004)
Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (2002)
Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty EP (2001)
Visions EP (1998)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Congregation Of The Damned" (2009)

1.  Stop! Before It's Too Late And We've Destroyed It All
2.  Bleeding Is A Luxury
3.  Congregation Of The Damned
4.  Coffin Nails
5.  Black Days Begin
6.  Gallows
7.  Storm To Pass
8.  You Were The King, Now You're Unconscious
9.  Insatiable
10.  So Wrong
11.  Ravenous
12.  Lonely
13.  Wait For You

Album "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" (2007)

1.  Doomsday
2.  Honor
3.  Falling Down
4.  Becoming The Bull
5.  When Two Are One
6.  Lose It
7.  No One Cares
8.  Can't Happen Here
9.  Slow Burn
10.  Blow
11.  Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor)
12.  The Squeeze (from 2008 Re-Release)
13.  Epic (from 2008 Re-Release)
14.  Clean Sheets (from 2008 Re-Release)

Album "A Death-Grip On Yesterday" (2006)

1.  Creature
2.  Shameful
3.  Our Sick Story (Thus Far)
4.  The Theft
5.  We Stand Up
6.  Ex's And Oh's
7.  Your Private War
8.  My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back)
9.  Untitled Finale

Album "The Curse" (2004)

1.  Blood Children (An Introduction)
2.  Bleeding Mascara
3.  Right Side Of The Bed
4.  This Flesh A Tomb
5.  You Eclipsed By Me
6.  The Crimson
7.  The Remembrance Ballad
8.  An Interlude (Instrumental)
9.  Corseting
10.  Demonology And Heartache
11.  My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
12.  Nevada's Grace
13.  Five Vicodin Chased With A Shot Of Clarity
14.  You Give Love A Bad Name (Bonus Track)

Album "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" (2002)

1.  A Song For The Optimists
2.  Dilated
3.  Ain't Love Grand
4.  Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
5.  Deanne The Arsonist
6.  Someone's Standing On My Chest
7.  At Least I Know I'm A Sinner
8.  Tulips Are Better
9.  A Vampire's Laments
10.  Lip Gloss And Black

EP "Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty" (2001)

1.  Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
2.  Tulips Are Better
3.  A Letter To Someone Like You
4.  Taking Back Every Word That I Said
5.  Someone's Standing On My Chest

EP "Visions" (1998)

1.  As The Line Between Machinery And Humanity Blurs
2.  Who Died?
3.  Love Is Illness
4.  Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears
5.  Never Too Far Gone
6.  Of Gods And Monsters
7.  Dinosaurs Became Extinct (And You're a Fossil)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Her Portrait In Black ("Underworld: Evolution" Soundtrack)

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