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Atreyu Lyrics

14. Clean Sheets

Originally by Descendents

Clean sheets mean a lot,
To a guy who sleeps on the floor,
I wanted your love,
And a Shelf in your dresser draw,
You tucked me in,
Stopped my tossing and turning,
But I turned back the covers,
And saw those sheets are dirty.

Even though you'll never come clean,
You know it's true,
Those sheets are dirty,
and so are you.

The warmth of a bed,
To a guy who sleeps on the floor,
was enough to perpetuate,
All the lies I heard before,
I want to hold you,
I hold my pillow instead
Because my pillow will never lie
or be with a Stranger in my bed.


Where's the love I was looking for,
It's out the door,
I'm afraid to see you anymore,
So it's back on the floor,
'cause those sheets are dirty.

Woke up this morning,
alone on the floor,
Thinking about those clean sheets
and the way it was before,
When I looked in the mirror,
I saw your face and thought of the past,
But now I know how dirty you are,
I took my fist and smashed the glass.

[Chorus x2]

Those sheets are dirty. [x3]

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