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Atreyu Lyrics

2. Who Died?

Who died in the systematic progress that we call life
Each indiscriminate event leading itself to the total destruction
The total nihilation of the beauty and spark of mankind's history
Each failure is so symbolic of whats past and what yet left to be

Un-dead or am I really dying
Who's to say that this is eternity
Devoid of serenity
Brings us closer to a label of hell
Here we go are all we all dead
Whats the stop, wheres the end
Whats the stop, where do I end

Save me from my sins
Save us from the demons within

With another gone in this war to stay afloat
In this turmoil known as daily life breaking human spirit
Lack of love abundance of disgust

Who's dead am I dead
What is death
Whose to say that this is life?

Oh god the pain of the response
No reaction or are we indifferent

Well who's will save us or are we already saved
Well who's to say we need to be saved anyway.

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