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August Burns Red Lyrics

3. Back Burner

Convictions to the back burner.
Remembering what's really important 
Isn't so important after all.
Gather all your possessions, 
And smile because you've got it all.
Still that empty feeling won't go away.
Your puzzle's missing one very essential piece, 
And I know you'll keep looking in all 
The wrong places until it's too late.
Slip on the ice again.
When did you become so cold? 
Living for the here and now never made so much sense.
You think you've got all the time in the world, 
But this could all be ending now.
How far down will you go before it's too late? 
Slipping on the ice again, you've become so cold.
Lucky for you rock bottom is in sight.
Your wake up call is set for now, 
And the trail you have followed has come all the way to the end.
I just hope you survive the crash.

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