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August Burns Red Lyrics

2. Missing This Opportunity

Time and time again, 
Will his knowledge lead his aggression?
You insist on bringing home a broken child, 
Just like you.
Is this failure what you're grinning at?
Don't shut the curtain.
Don't block the view of precious portraits 
Sending signals of grace.
It's the only thing left standing in the light.
I've got nothing else, 
But your fire hasn't gone out just yet.
Is this the best of what you are?
Well it remains subtle, remains silent.
I'll bring it.
I'll show them.
Unleashed in a second, I'll catch them off guard.
It hurts to say that I'm at a loss for words, 
But you've brought this on yourself.
Seems to feel better when taking a step outside.
The wind will carry my thoughts much easier.
Don't be so blind.
Just stop and look around 
To what you're missing- these opportunities.
There could be something nice to say to you.
Maybe the next time we meet, 
You will be smarter in choosing your place 
In this world for a promising purpose.

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