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Aviatik Lyrics

9. Cover Your Eyes

Gather courage from the ones beside you
In tattered uniforms of canvas
Waiting for their number to be called
Their eyes fixed straight with hatred
Stand to cry freedom with an arrogant voice
Leave behind you
Exchanging lovers for the rust-red rifle
In your hands clenched tight 
And with your bloodshot eyes 
Fixed straight with hatred
Stand strong and fix bayonets boys

Here it comes, baby, cover your eyes
Number one of a million goodbyes
Look out, look out

Well I feel no decay
That part of me is gone, 
That part of me has left and gone away
And I pray
Off track, you're never coming back to me
For this world, they'll blow it away you see
So come on, stand strong (step back) stand strong
Stand strong and fix bayonets boys

It's another choice, but you can't decide
And this cataclysm is televised, so
Close your doors, 
Open up your eyes
They're never coming home
It's a twist that you can't decide inside

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