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Aviatik Lyrics

2. Destination

I'll leave nothing but a vapor trail 
When I take off and I fly away
I see you waving from the ground
I see you calling out

But it's true, I gave it to you, 
Read all the way through
"Granddad, I'm leaving 
And I'm going to the moon"
You've got to let it go.

If I had known back then 
My destination 
I'd be there right now

Last night and you're out on bail
Though many miles took a toll on you
Drive around in circles 
But it never got you anywhere

But you know that I'm going away 
From this place that was never my home
And you know that I'm leaving today 
And I'll walk through this world as a ghost

Suffocate, hearts shatter and palpitate
You're never going to break this fate
So just watch it escalate

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