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Aviatik Lyrics

3. Tasted You

I hold this hope with bloody hands
Hands to protest, hands to reject
Hold me up so I can stand
Left my body here, broken, empty
Let the fire burn
Let the flames rise high
Let the fire burn
See the world with open eyes

Still I tasted you
Because you asked me to
And so the hunger grew 
Without connection
Won't you tear me apart
Won't you break me now

What's that you say, you'll go away
Oh... but anyway

This will hurt you more
More than it's hurting me
But you gave it away 
You gave it away
You're breaking fists on walls 
Nobody else can see
But you gave it away
You gave it away

In neverending space 
I take my stand, lose my mind
In neverending black descending
No left, no right 
Nno up, down, 'fore, behind

Coming back I see right through
Breaking fists on walls nobody else can see
Would you take it back now, but anyway
Looking back I never knew you
As you dream about what we could never be
Would you take it back now but anyway

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