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B2K Lyrics

1. Santa Hooked Me Up

[Rap (J-BOOG)]
This year Your boy went all out
Let me sit down and tell you what I'm talkin about
Now what's sumthin you can imagine 
So I dun have ta explain
Oh just picture the North Pole 
relaxin in my chain and my gurl
she's bad, so bad, whoa!
Havin a gurl like Boog's gonna become the new fad
When you're walkin to my house
You're gonna be given a map
Cuz if you turn the wrong corner, you won't find your way bakk
But um sleepy now So, I'm gone off the track
Bye, goodight! Holla

[Chorus (x2)]
Santa hooked me up this year
Santa hooked me up this year
Santa hooked me up this year
So let me tell you what I got fo Christmas this yea

Santa hooked me up with a Bentley 4-door
Got a 100-million-dolla G4
Santa wuz generous 
Gave me a gang of money
More ice than the North Pole
More karatz than Bugz Bunny
This year forget the socks and the Christmas tree
I got a Benz 1200
Ain't even hit the streetz
I got a 3-way pager 
and a matching set
Got an iced-out chain
That put a crick in my neck

[Chorus (x2)]

This year was too sick
Santa Claus got me that 6
with that doubled out kit
Too clean, fresh white, gangsta lean
You kno how I do, when I get on the scene
Santa Claus, "SC" is what I call his name
He give me too much I think Santa got crazy
But anywayz, thank you for all the giftz
I left them hot cookiez, but just dun forget it

[Chorus (x2)]

[Lil Fizz]
Now Christmas is my favorite time of year
I got red forces with red Polo gear
Red Chanel ski hat, plus a Cadillac
With diamond in the bakk
Sittin on the scene with shiny gold D's
Ice crush soda can
Chrome on the left hand
and a walkman-you got a walkman
When I get all this 
Man I thought it wuz great!
But I wuz bad this year 
so Santa made a mistake

[Chorus (x2)]

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