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Baby Bash Lyrics

15. Tha Chop

Featuring Awax & Jay Tee

[Baby Bash:]
Which way did he go? 
Which way did he go? 
Which way did he go? 

[Chorus: A-Wax] 
This ain't nothin' new to me 
Look at what they do to me 
Need to chill 
Try to stop 
Did dirt wit it now I gotta buy the chop 

[Baby Bash:] 
I'm in my mama rent a car wit 10 and a half pounds 
No DL's and innocent amount of rounds 
Wit my mind on my mansion 
I'm smashin' up out the town 
You thought I was a hog but wait 'til I clown now 
Basharini believe me 
Still servin' three for the 50 
And I wish a motherfucker would try and get wit me 
Cuz I'm nifty wit the milli when the torch is on 
And play every play like it's fourth and long 
Now when the horse is gone I be the shit out the pig 
It don't take much to split a fool's wig 
See I'm only one shot from makin' the headlines 
So quick niggaz got quarters and deadline's 
Shakin' the fed time 
They checkin' my bar codes 
ATF, INS, and the US Marshals 
And this ain't nathan new to me 
Capitalize on opportunity 
This ain't nathan new to me 
Capitalize on opportunity 

[Chorus x2]

This old shit ain't new to me 
I'm rockin' stolen jewelry 
Try to chill so I leave the Bay 
Did dirt wit it now I gotta keep the K 
Bash a dude wig over Baby Bash 
He my smokin' nephew 
We be checkin' brains and cash 
We count G's on a omni floor 
Put the bloody bills wit the Tommy in the drawer 
Tell mommy wit the roll "Go on break a lil' corner off" 
I don't like that bammer 
I don't wanna cough 
You got to watch every step 
P-walk and pull out a tec 
I thought you new I'm a vet 
Let loose through my set 
A-W-A-X the latex glove on my left hand can only mean death man 

[Chorus x2]

[Jay Tee:] 
Now it's that pimpin' ass gringo 
Bitch is you single? 
I spit heat, hit the street, stack my Domingo 
Bay Area lingo is what a playa blessed wit 
Ten shots wit they own spots is all I ever mess wit 
So if you're broke 
I ain't even heard a ya 
Come around me again and I'm a murder ya 
I need some loot 
So watch how I attack yo town 
A bitch who wanna hold me, I'll track her down 
Get up in the brain, take over the soul 
Four G's a night, I'm ready to roll 
A big long lac, hella beat in the trunk 
Baby kick back, it's hella heat for the funk 
I dare a motherfucker to step to the Lo 
One too many drinks, now he's dead in the Rove 
So call that cat's kids tell him "Get this" 
It's Jay Tee, I'm a dog when I spit this

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