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Baby Bash Lyrics

4. Throwed Off

Paul Wall, Baby Bash, what dey talkin bout (I'm jus sayin) 
Its throwed off playa, it's throwed off playa its throwed off play (its goin down) 

[Chorus 2x]
Its throwed off playa (already) 
Its throwed off playa (already) 
Its throwed off playa (already, u already know) 
Its throwed off playa (already) 
Its throwed off playa (already) 
Its throwed off playa (already, kno evrywhere we go) 

[verse 1] 
Now its about dat time, we rearrange ur mind 
We jammin jersey 4 shersey we blowin on dat pine 
Dey call me baby bash 
So wet wen i park i splash 
I only fuck wit da trill dat aint no sucka task 
Now lets accelerate n get 2 celebratin 
I'll throw my drink in ur face wit all dat playahation 
I'm not gon have it 
Super unleaded watch me pimp 
We got em thrown hard down at da rocky pimp 
I gotta supa bed 
We keep it on da cool 
Space city, h-town man wat it do? 
Lets get it gravitatin 
Get thrown out da club 
I'm throwed off like a muthafucka poppin bub 

[Chorus 2x]

[verse 2] 
Now u jus tuned into da crunk show 
Nephews n my uncles 
We poppin purk put in work 
So wats up tho? 
We like it big n heavy 
Enormous an humongous 
An on my fingers an the glock it grew some green fungus 
I'm tryin na bump a beat 
Wit out even tryin 
I'm throwed off like a fastball from 
Nolan Ryan 
Sum like 2 get it hypie 
Sum like 2 get it crunk 
Sum like dat bold fast 
And sum like dat perky stuff 

[Chorus 2x]

[verse 3 paul wall] 
I'm da Chick Magnet 
Imma da people's champ 
Im in da club throwed off cuz i'm da peoples tramp 
I'm takin shots of Patron 
I wash it down wit a beer 
I spit da same mackin game to evry dime piece here 
I'm da topic of discussion to da gurls at da bar 
Dey wonder if i'm drinkin alcohol 
Or sippin on barre 
Dey fell in love wit my car 
Dey wanna marry my cash 
Dey wanna be down wit a playa 
Cuz i'm ridin wit bash 
I already 
I pull up on pirelli drippin candy paint n jelly 
I stop, at *chimmy chan's* an throw sumthing in my belly 
Its paul wall, a G in da mack 
Its goin down, cuz i'm dope like dat 
I'm jus sayin tho 

[Chorus 2x]

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