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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

11. All Alright

I'm sorry for waking you, love
It's just that I am scared 
About tomorrow
Tell me it will be alright
Oh oh oh
I knew that's what you would say
You like seasons but hate the rain
Oh oh oh
Spring will be here in just a few days I hope I can make it
I give you sunsets
You run with me when the wind won't let up
And sometimes when you're sleeping
I lie and watch your dreaming come alive 
While the shadows dance on our window pane
Oh oh oh
I hope you don't hate me tomorrow for what I did today
I lost the light and begged for rain
Oh oh oh won't you say "don't have a thing, 
For the sunlight, you're my sunshine, 
I love, and yes it will all be alright

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