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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

4. Bottom Lips And Fingertips

Bottom lips and fingertips 
Two twenty something kids getting acquainted 
In a dim lit room at the bottom of the stairs 
Forget first names and old birthdays 
Those were lost with the clothes that hit the floor 
When the lightswitch got turned off 
I'm just your boy to fuck 
You're just my girl to touch 
Of course it's natural to fall in love 
But love is for people with hearts 
Not for the kids just brushing up on their chemistry 
Bottom lips and fingertips 
Two twenty something kids with a bottle of gin 
Making bad decisions in a blur on the kitchen floor 
It's not like tonight is the end of the world 
And It's not like we'll remember any of this 
Come tomorrow we'll pretend today didn't even ever exist 
If we're only young once 
Then we better get up 
'Cause we don't know how long we've got 
Until the music stops If I'm only young once 
Then I better get out 
Of this trend where I end up lost 
In the middle of a town I know by heart 
Take all your good days 
And turn them in memories 
Forget all the bad it's just a thing of the past 
You get what you got and you got what you give

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