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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

10. Calico Kitten

If my life had a soundtrack 
It would be acoustic 
With songs about the way 
I laugh at my ability to love things that I can't have 
If my life were a movie 
It would be black and white with still-frames in color and hue 
The credits would say a simple phrase, like 
"You aren't what you say or what you do, 
So don't worry so much, 
Just get on with a life that you love" 
I had a good day 
Since I didn't die or have to wait 
In any really long lines at the store 
Me I like to make music 
You just like to make war 
There's a calico kitten prancing across a rooftop 
Smiling at the grey withered sky 
He's watching all the cars as they pass by 
Their blinkers go click click click 
This new height makes him homesick 
He misses his mother the most 
And his long days by the window 
They're long long gone 
If you're alright, then I'm alright 
If you're alright, then I'm alright 
It feels good to be alive again 
So good to see the sky again

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