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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

11. Daytime Tv

you got a funny way of saying I love you. 
you got a pretty smile you should use it more often. 
you got a pair of eyes I like to look at. 
you got a beautiful voice I like to listen to you 
sing in the morning on our way to school. 
i got a couple of hours to spare this evening. 
and just a few more days before I'm leaving. 
the rain outside is calling our name. 
i think we should show it up and prove city kids 
do more than just sit indoors and watch daytime tv. 
there's a song playing on the am station. 
i look at you and I start dancing. 
your laugh's about as loud as my footsteps. 
on the wooden floor we don't sweep too often 
'cause we're lazy and we're free to do as we please. 
i wanna lay forever with you in the sunshine. 
kinda like the stars above do with the moonlight. 
you can pretend all you want to. 
but the truth is darling I love you. 
yeah it's true I can't get you out of my mind but I really don't mind. 
and I know it's getting kinda late. 
and I know you're not much on fairytale endings. 
so I suppose we should save that for the story books. 
and I know you're thinking boy you're crazy, 
but can you blame me for hoping this is only the beginning. 
why don't we stay up all night just to watch the sunrise. 
why don't we say we're fine just to stay alive. 
why don't we forget everything for this moment. 
Why don't we wake up in the morning side by side, eye to eye

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