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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

13. Encore! Encore!

Epically forgotten
Wearing next to nothing
The lights keep telling you otherwise
You made it this far
But beginnings don't tell the truth
Your best friends are the worst liars
So I'll be waiting for the encore
Give it your all, they're all watching now
Collapsed, repeated, beat down, decieted
It's the middle of the night where are you?
I can't say I'm too suprised
If it's nevermore then go to hell
I'll see you when i get there, on the other side
Of what was never meant to be
Do his lips taste sweet like wine?
And does he kiss you in the middle of the night?
When your voice gone from all those shots
Pretty's just a point in time
I hope the memory of the lies you keep
Haunts you til you die
So I'll be waiting for your "i'm so
Sorry this is not the way i meant to be,
It's just that sometimes it's hard for me to sleep or even tell if I'm alive
Well welcome to the real word
Your television's nice but only tells you lies
Yeah the grass is green but there is no other side
And you can count the days all you want
But they're never gonna add up
Your life isn't a problem 
You just don't know how to live it right

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