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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

15. Four Leaf Clover

I woke up. 
The sun was singing. 
You were still sleeping beside me. 
You woke up. 
Said nightmares are for dreamers. 
So why me? why me? 
I tried my best to believe what you said. 
I read the books. 
I went to bed. 
And I still woke up again. 
Is there some flaw in forever? 
Must be because when we're together. 
The sky it's bright for a while, then it fades. 
Lucky me I've got three hours left. 
Lucky me I've got this heart in my chest. 
Lucky me I've got this four leaf clover. 
Look at me I can tie my own shoes. 
Look at me I lie just as good as you. 
Whenever I please. 
So please spare me the consequence. 
Just leave the note on the steps. 
You don't have to read what you already know. 
I keep up with time on my blue wristwatch. 
I keep marking days just to add them up it seems. 
I'll never win this race. 
Lucky me I've got the rain and the sky. 
Lucky me I've got bob dylan to get me by. 
When no one else will sing. 
Lucky me I've got these two left feet. 
Lucky me I've got that costume from halloween. 
That you made for me. 
Look at me I'm growing up real nice. 
Look at me I still have faith that everything that's real is fake. 
Look at me I can make you cry. 
With these words I wrote one night alone. 
In my dusty apartment. 
Singers sing just to hear themselves. 
Lovers love to keep pictures on the shelf. 
Well good for them. 
I hope you'll stay warm through winter. 
I hear it's gonna be a cold one this year. 
So wrap up tight. 
Lucky me I've got these light blue sheets. 
Lucky me I've got hope, I've got love. 
Look at me I'll fade away with time. 
Look at me before I decide. 
To call it a night

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