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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

13. Good And Bye (Home)

Here's to ben folds and car drives. 
Maybe summer's just running late. 
Here's to nashville and madison street. 
If home is where the heart is, this place is heartless. 
No more matinees, no more moonlight. 
If the world was gonna end it might as well be tonight. 
I walked you home, you smiled the whole way. 
When we got to your doorstep you said goodbye, for good. 
You said, hey kid, it's nothing personal. 
But love is not a pendant on a chain. 
And I replied. 
Well fuck you too, you and your fake smile. 
You're nothing more than hypocrite in high heels. 
Won't you keep it locked up for while girl. 
It's gonna be a long night. 
And a secret's not a secret. 
If a lover's life is at stake. 
I'll be your best friend if you'll be mine. 
And I'll show you a good time if you just ask. 
Promises on prom night are flawless. 
Til you turn your back. 
He said she said running through the big fields. 
You gotta come quick if you're ever gonna get here. 
Time it's just about time we called it quits. 
And I'll take three steps if you'll take four. 
If I'm your chandaleer then you're my dancefloor. 
So I don't really need you and you don't need me. 
Here's to summing up the last three years in the words of a song. 
Here's to your thoughts being whispered in my ear all day. 
Here's to the plaid blankets you used to lay on all the time. 
Here's to "us" being referred to in the past tense

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