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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

8. In The Daylight

Hope you brought your good shoes. 
Gonna be a long day. 
Gotta have the blue skies. 
Going on a long drive. 
Gonna be a bright one. 
Looking for nice time. 
Kissing on the big sun. 
Waiting for the moonlight. 
Alone's at home, but with you I'm alright. 
Standing on the past tense. 
Underneath a night sky. 
Wishing for some good luck. 
Happy with the blue eyes. 
It's getting cold, 
But at least you're at my side. 
Sitting on some big steps. 
Dreaming in the daylight. 
Coughing up the regret. 
Living out a big lie. 
"At home" is lost, 
But it's the least I could find. 
Someone's saying big words. 
Somewhere on the freeway. 
Something's gotta go wrong. 
"so what" is your reply. 
Cd's been skipping since saturday morning. 
It's not exactly bragging rights, 
But at least we've got something. 
It's been a long one, but come tomorrow. 
We'll be making out in minnesota. 
Holding hands to "a perfect sonnet". 
Arguing about the morning weather. 
Happy just to be together again

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