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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

17. I Think I Might Change My Name To Tomorrow

Well how about that, it's a matter of fact 
The life you got is all you'll get 
You better do your best not to fuck it up too much 
Yeah the thing about that is it's the truth you lack 
And you can smoke until your lungs turn black 
The Surgeon General couldn't really give a shit less 
Seasons change and people stay the same 
Each year the whore's hike their skirts up a bit more 
We're all just numbers on a cartoon calendar page 
We listen to the music, but it's the lyrics that we all ignore 
Well how about that, it's a matter of fact 
You retraced the words that you never said 
Now you're staring out at a useless blank canvas 
Yeah the truth about that is you're the one who said 
I'm gonna change myself, become a better person 
No I swear I really mean it this time Years they fade, 
my memory takes the blame 
Each night the girls spread their legs just to make more 
We're all just actors in an ad for the American Dream 
We the people just want peace, 
but our countries just want to make war
Everybody everywhere has thought the same things you have 
So don't be afraid to fall in love with a stranger 
Everyone on every street is free to use their body as they please 
So don't be afraid to take some chances once in a while 
Here's the part where you start to think 
That you don't believe in anything 
Words are just words and you're just drunk 
Here's the part where you start to act 
Like you're better off without the things you have 
Once they're gone you'll realize you fucked up again 
Seasons change and people stay the same 
Each year I find a new way to lie a bit more 
We're all gone just as fast as we came 
So I'm not counting on a new life, No no no, 
Tomorrow here I come Darling, you're lovely, 
but you're awfully naive Did you think about 
when your future might leave ya? 
You can't buy the sky, yesterday's not for rent right now, 
Go find your own forever somewhere else. 
Next year's accepting applications, 
For one night stands and New Years Resolutions. 
But don't forget what you got right here, 
My smile's sometimes fake, but me, I'm real 
Stop debating wars, politics and freedom 
We're all human last time I checked 
If you want to kill a man for the color of his skin 
Then it's obvious to me that you're a goddamn idiot 
We're all free to think the things we want 
But you're too busy with your bullshit to hear us talk 
So now here I stand, in the corner of my 
Past and I don't want to go 
'Cause it feels good to know what is and what was 
And the Future's just a mirror that I lost for the fear of 
Death and a life without Love 
And just when I thought the world had ended 
The Sun broke through the pitch black sky 
In the most beautiful fucking glow I'd ever seen 
The buildings started singing and my fear finally left me I shouted 
"Goddamn it feels good to be alive again!"

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