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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

15. Love Is Free

Wake up love
"it's too early, I'm not ready for today"
I know my bags are packed 
But that don't mean that I want to leave
You are so pretty in that blue dress
We bought downtown
Last night was perfect
So we took pictures just in case
If we grow old and can't remember
Our own names
At least we can look back at
The best night of our lives here's to yesterday
So won't you
Come a little closer
We've got about another hour before the big jet plane
Sails me away to that awful city
It's pouring rain from the pitch black sky
But you're still so pretty
Lovely little smiles from the corner of my eye
I'll miss those the most ms. saturday smile
If I promise you sunshine 
Bottle caps, broken shoelace tied
Fake shapes in iridescent light
Cold clothes and the dryer's closed
New love on an old dirt road
Sand castles in the winter's snow
Flying kites when the wind won't blow
Save a little of that seat for me
Your sweater cost money, but your love is free
Don't worry kid, I know it's not early
I'll close all the blinds we can sleep through sunday
We'll make this last 'cause we can and it just feels right

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