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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

*  Names In Boxes

When I said that we were leaving
I didn't think you didn't believe me
But your hands took the clouds and turned them into light
We should put our names in boxes
Pack them away for a while
And move somewhere west like arizona 
Or anywhere just along as it's not here
There we were calm, collected, lovely
Bright eyed with our shoes in our hands
The rain came down, you said the sky was falling
So we sang a song about summer and just danced
Oh, I'm so glad we're here
We made it even though they fucked us over
Goes to show destiny is a lie
When you've got love you don't need luck from a four leaf clover
Easy does it believing is too easy
Just because they've got some years on you doesn't mean they are right
Anyone can say some words from a scripture or a book
But it takes a movement to hit a switch and spread the light
You cry for a revolution
But then you close your eyes
So tell me why are you asking "why"
See it takes hope to have hope
And love to spread love
Peace can't come from a gun in your hand
No more worrying let's lay and let it be
Here we are resolute, alive and fine
Today's a word we should all hold onto
We need to take our time and run with it 
Instead of waiting for a sign
No more worrying let's lay and let it be

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