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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

6. Smile

Alarm clock's going off again. 
You're screaming in a telephone. 
I wish you were somewhere else. 
Or maybe I should just move out. 
Another state, some suburb of a town. 
Somewhere in north dakota. 
Got an idea and a map. 
Two dollars and a photograph. 
Of a kid... 
It's me, I'm under a dinosaur blanket. 
In my old house. 
I like it, it makes me smile. 
I like you, you make me smile. 
This is my song. 
Sing it to myself and nothing can go wrong. 
For a second I know the world's alright, it's alright. 
Tired eyes wide awake again. 
Think I might like to take a swim. 
In the pool where we used to kiss the sun's hands all day. 
You used to run from the dark. 
I still do, I haven't changed a lot. 
My voice grew a little deeper but my shirt size's still the same

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