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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

6. Song For Audrey

If I'm Frank Sinatra, you're Audrey Hepburn 
'Cause I like to sing and you like the movies 
Life it's not a photograph, you gotta keep moving 
Frames are for folks with no hope 
If I'm all alone, you're a new brick home 
With windows and doors, locks and rugs 
I don't have a reason or a simple excuse 
To put it nicely I'd likely do anything for you 
Everybody lies sometime 
Even winners have to lose 
Doors they work both ways 
Even blind men have to choose 
Whether they're gonna wake up 
with a smile on their face 
Just because they can't see don't mean 
that they can't sing 
It's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days 
Don't you waste your life waiting for it to change 
Just put on your dancing shoes and dance those cares away 
If I'm The Sound Of Music you're The Science of Sleep 
'Cause I'm obviously, and you're obviously 
Too young to care, too bold to love 
Too naive to notice that sometimes all you need is some love 
To get by, to be alright, even when the world's falling off it's axis, 
It's sunday and you just wanted to enjoy the afternoon I need a new love 
Someone to help me home when I'm drunk and can't stand up I need a new life
Someone to tell me wrong from right so I won't screw it up again 
Maybe we could wait til the sunset sank 
And devise a new plan to start over again 
Good luck with all the things you took 
It's amazing how much a month can change someone 
I thought one of us would end up in the middle 
But beginnings and endings are pretty much the same thing 
I'm not going home alone again 
I'm not going home alone this time 
I'm not going home alone again 
I'm not going home alone tonight

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